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What's Trending Now and How it Influences Home Decor

By: Cindy Stewart


We look forward to the new fabrics, colors and designs introduced throughout the year by the home furnishing industry.  It gives us the chance to update our showroom with the latest looks, plus provide new options for our design clients and customer's home interiors.

The Dining Space In Your Home


By: Kathy Jarrett


Thanksgiving dinner is coming. Your dining table needs to be able to adapt like no other piece in your home.  Arranging a dining table and chairs is a matter of logical space allotment.  The key is to be sure that there is enough room to maneuver when sitting down.

The Keno Brothers Klismo Chair

The Keno Brothers Klismo Chair


Stewart & Company features the Klismo chair designed by the Keno Brothers and produced by Theodore Alexander.

The ancient Greeks are credited for the origins of the Klismo chair dating back to 400 BC. The chair is frequently featured on Greek Pottery. The curved legs and back were frequently depicted with seated lady’s during the 5th century BC.

The unique and comfortable Boomerang Chair

Boomerang Chair

The Boomerang Chair is an amazing creation from Hancock and Moore. This unique and comfortable chair harmoniously combines form, function and the laws of nature with design and excellent craftsmanship.

Downton Abbey inspired vignette by designer Jim Callaway

Downton Abbey inspired

Downton Abbey

Visit our newest window featuring a Downton Abbey inspired vignette created by our designer, Jim Callaway.

Jim's passion for antiques and old homes compliment his ability to create new interiors for his clients.

Similar to Julian Fellowes who wrote, "I have always enjoyed country houses.  There is something about their completeness, with their different rooms and offices catering to almost every need, making up a microcosm of a complete world..."