Leather Furniture Care & Maintenance

Leather Furniture

Care of your leather furniture is very important. Although leather is very durable, it is not indestructible and improper care can result in problems unique to leather.

Leather is an animal skin that has been put through a tanning and finishing process to get to the product that you ahve selected for your furniture. Because of the various tanning and finishing processes all leather is not the same and reacts differently to various situations. These procedures can result in variations in the color, texture, and surface above those found in nature.

Cleaning Instructions for Leather Furniture

Finished Leather

No uphostery material is easier to care for than genuine top grain leather. Dust frequently with a clean dry cloth. Wipe occasionally with a mild Ivory soap and water solution on a clean damp cloth. Repeat with a clean damp cloth and dry with a clean cloth to restore the beautiful patina of leather. DO NOT use saddle soap, polish, wax or any cleaning agents other than a mild Ivory soap and water solution. The use of any cleaning substance other than a mild Ivory soap and water solution will negate any warranties from the leather tannery.

Unprotected Leather

This is a natural leather that cannot be cleaned because it does not have a protective coating. This leather will fade if exposed to direct sunlight.

All Leather

Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight, all materials will fade over time.  Try to place furniture two feet from direct heat source. Leather furniture has the natural marking from the hide - scards, brands, and barb wire marks are often visible.